The Strolz family has been making ski boots since 1921 in Lech, Austria. They remain the oldest family-owned ski boot manufacturer in the world.

Ambros Strolz was a cobbler in the tiny town of Lech in 1921.  He made shoes for everyone, including the very first skiers - the men delivering milk to those living up in the mountains.  They became the first ski sport enthusiasts, like Hannes Schneider, in the heart of the Arlberg Region of Austria.

Ambros's son, Martin Strolz, naturally skied in leather boots made by his father and eventually skied for the Austrian National Alpine Ski Team in the 1950's.  Martin's many achievements included a silver medal in the downhill at the F.I.S. championships in Are, Sweden in 1954. His success as a racer helped convince the international ski-elite of the quality of Strolz boots.  For at least 25 years Strolz supplied both the Austrian national team and the teams of many other countries with competition boots.  

When he finished his ski racing career, Martin obtained the very prestigious Austrian certification as a Master in Orthopedic Shoemaking and assumed responsibility for Strolz ski boot production.  The Strolz combination of traditional craftsmanship, innovation, orthopedic excellence and intimate ski racing experience produced a ski boot renowned throughout the world.  

In 1969 Strolz introduced their first plastic-shell boot.  They continued to use an all leather liner, keeping the boot comfortable.  Ski boot technology kept developing very rapidly and it was not long before Strolz introduced the foam fit system with their famous all-leather liner.  The system has been continually improved and perfected over the last 30 years.

Like his father and his grandfather before him, Hannes Strolz studied and mastered the orthopedic shoemaking skills.  After completing his formal studies, Hannes entered the family business full-time and since 1990 has functioned as general manager and chief designer.   Under his leadership, Strolz developed a dual-function ski and snowboard boot as well as an AT liner.

The newest member of the team is Merlin Strolz, currently an active member of the design team and Head of Global Sales.   Merlin is also a trained shoe designer and of course, an expert in boot fitting.  Merlin has been able to visit the United States, Austrialia and Sweden in recent years, getting to know the boot fitters and customers worldwide.

Four Generations of Strolz Ski Boots

The modern Strolz design is focused on comfort and function. Eight decades and four generations of experience has proved the absolute necessity of uniting both demands. Just as Martin Strolz combined his experiences as a master orthopedic shoemaker and alpine racer, Hannes Strolz has expanded his acquired shoemaking craft with a formal degree in industrial and mechanical design. Strolz is constantly furthering their boot know-how and development. When manufacturing ski boots, they incorporate the latest discoveries in material research and orthopedics. That’s why each Strolz ski boot generation sets new standards in fitting form, wearing comfort and power transmission.