How long does it take to make Strolz Custom Fit Ski Boots?
A typical fitting takes approximately 2 hours; you can leave with boots in hand and ski in them 12 hours later.

Can I ski on my new Strolz boots the same day as my fitting?
No. The injected foam needs to cure for 12 hours before skiing in the boots. 

What makes Strolz boots custom?
Each of the components of the Strolz boot can be customized to give you a one-of-a-kind boot. This includes the plastic outer shell, which can be stretched with a wooden and cork last built to replicate your foot. Custom footbeds are inserted into the handmade Italian leather inner boot. We use your feet as the mold to create your unique inner boot. Also, there are various canting options and ways to control the stiffness of the boot. 

My feet can get really cold in ski boots. Are Strolz boots warm?
Cold feet in an off-the-shelf ski boot are often the result of a poor fit. Because off-the-shelf boots do not always fit well "hot spots" or pressure points can cause a loss of circulation of blood to the feet. This makes them cold.  The Strolz custom fit eliminates “hot spots” and allows for normal blood flow, making your feet warmer.  Even though we can provide a great fitting ski boot, we can not control genetics; some people will always have colder feet than others. 

I have a really long foot. What is the biggest size that Strolz boots can accomodate?
Even though the biggest Strolz ski boot is a size 16 US, since the boots can be stretched, we have fit many people that wear up to a size 18 US shoe. 

What sizes do you carry?
Anyone wearing a US size 5 women's shoe all the way up to a US size 18 men's can have a Strolz boot made in the US. 

How exact is your boot sizing?
We are the only ski boot company that builds molds for most half sizes. Because of this, the Strolz boot doesn't sacrifice performance for comfort. 

What if I can’t fit into something you have in stock?
We can usually fit anyone in a size 5 woman's - 18 men's foot in our New Hamsphire stores in one day.  If you have an extremely unusual foot, for an extra fee, we have the option of ordering a unique custom inner boot specifically designed for your foot in the Strolz factory in Lech, Austria. The lead time is up to 10 weeks depending on the time of year.